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The Creatives Coalition

The Creatives Coalition, a program of From The Bottom Up Foundation and WIRF Media, seeks to establish the "Creatives Partnership Act", a legislative & policy agenda that advocates for the creation of more equitable partnerships between major corporations, entertainment brands, and BIPOC content creators & entrepreneurs that closes the wealth gap by equitably monetizing creatives' Intellectual Property (IP). 

The Power of IP

IP ownership is key and it power to change lives has been proven with the successes of Black Media Moguls like Tyler Perry and Bryon Allen. According to Nielsen, Black and Brown communities' consumption and usage of media outpaces all other groups across all platforms. 

$1 Million Pledge

Many BIPOC content creators and entrepreneurs lack the resources and financial capital to both protect their intellectual property and take appropriate action when their rights as artists, business owners, as creatives have been infringed upon.  The Creative Coalition, its members, and partners are pledging to create a $1 million fund to provide scholarships, grants, and resources to BIPOC creatives to address these challenges

Policy Agenda

FTBUF, WIRF Media and our partners understand that one of the most impactful ways to create change is through policy and advocacy.  Through local, state and national partnerships, FTBUF aims to work with leaders in both entertainment and government to create the Creatives Partnerships Act that will seek to redress the many challenges and issues creatives face related to ownership, royalties, access to equitable capital and more

Training & Education

FTBUF believes that knowledge is power!  Join our mailing list today to stay connected and learn about upcoming webinars, townhalls, and workshops on topics vital to the success and empowerment of BIPOC content creators, women entrepreneurs, young women and our communities.  Most are free to attend and FTBUF will also host its She Speaks Live TownHall, annually in March to highlight the work of women across the industries of business, entertainment, health & finance

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From The Bottom Up Foundation

From The Bottom Up Foundation (FTBUF) seeks  to redress inequities in opportunites, education and awareness of critical issues facing women and girls of color. FTBUF provides support and access to services that enhance the mental, physical and financial health & wellness of minority women and girls in need across all socioeconomic statuses.

Our Programs

FTBUF will create and offer a wide range of initiatives, programs & services designed to meet the mental, physical, & socioeconomic needs of women & girls through information sharing, education, & entertainment


FTBUF seeks to partner with other women & minority owned organizations to provide support to minority women & girls.  Partnerships will help strengthen investment & capacity building for women-led businesses.


FTBUF will work to address the gaps in awareness, cultural competence, and limited access to vital resources to include financial capital necessary to effectively support women-led enterprises 

Funding Support

FTBUF, a 501c3 non-profit, will serve as a fiduciary agent & partner to minority women-owned institutions.  FTBUF will also provide sponsorships & mini-grants to support the implementation of its programs



Mental Health & Self-Care for the New Decade




Importance of Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship




For Us, By Us: Changing the Landscape of Minority Women In Media & Entertainment



Civics 101: Black Women & the Importance of Understanding Politics


Date/Time TBD

Closing the Wealth Gap

Wealth is not only a question of financial savings; it provides access to the political process and, therefore, exerts political influence. Households with wealth have a measure of economic security and can donate time and money, thereby influencing the political process and the policies that are important to their communities.

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