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Official Statement from Nicci Gilbert-Daniels

WIRF Media Founder/President Talks Pending Litigation & Importance of Ownership for Black, female Content Creators

Nicci Gilbert- Daniels is a writer, producer, performer and advocate for women and girls in underserved communities. She is most passionate about supporting women and girls of color who deserve to live an empowered and purpose driven life, both personally and professionally. That is why she created her non-profit organization From The Bottom Up and its’ initiative WIRF MEDIA  (Women In Reality Film TV & Media). WIRF aims to change the negative and toxic narratives about minority women through the creation of a national infrastructure that provides female content creators with platforms & resources to create, own and distribute content that not only entertains, but also uplifts, educates, informs and inspires.

Click here to access the official court filing.  Below you is the video comparison also included in the court filling.  For more information and media inquiries, please email us at or call (470) 257-2556

Official Video Comparison

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