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She Speaks Live

She Speaks LIVE (SSL) is the perfect mix of late night discussion, lip service, lifestyle, music, politics and social buzz. A digital cabaret, SSL engages viewers by inviting them into their media lounge where no conversation is off limits.

Spearheaded by Nicci Gilbert-Daniels (Creator/ Executive Producer) this late night series covers a wide range of topics: from who’s dating who in social media to who’s harassing who in politics.

Join the Conversation

Featured Episodes

SSL on Politics

She Speaks Live On Politics, Donald Trump , Voting and the Power of Black Women

SSL on Systemic Racism

Education Reform, Systemic Racism, How Performing Arts, Writing & Creative Outlets Empower Children

SSL Talks Ownership

Black & Women Content Creators, Importance of Ownership, Building Legacies 

About Us

She Speaks Live features informative conversations centered around topics that affect women and girls (such as the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements) and how to improve your mind, body and spirit health.


In addition, to one on one celebrity interviews and special musical performances, SSL also gives back to our communities through The From The Bottom Up Foundation.  

Speak Your Truth

You are not alone and we want to hear from you!  Join SSL Nation, an online community created by us, for us; featuring SSL Shout Outs, "Speak On It" Forums and more!  Speak up today, share your story and find your tribe with SSL.

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